Delphi’s journey started in 1960 with a passionate family selling specialised produce from Greece and Cyprus.

1960 Goodge Street, London

Tony Styllis starts working full-time with his father in their family fruit and veg store in Goodge Street at the age of 14, the store specialised in bringing speciality produce from Greece and Cyprus.

A young Tony where it all began in Goodge Street, London

1961 West Drayton, London

Tony Styllis also helps to run the family farm in West Drayton (near Heathrow) at the time where they become among the first people to start growing parsley and coriander in the UK.

Tony Styllis in the Goodge Street store in the 1970’s

1980 Goodge Street, London

Tony branches out and becomes the first person to import Greek yoghurt into the UK.

Delphi’s First range of dips including Houmous & Tzatziki

1984 Harrods, Knightsbridge

Delphi Foods is founded, making Houmous, Taramosalata, amongst other dips & salads here in the U.K. The first major client landed is Harrods.

Tony showing off his yoghurt products with his Mum

1985 Selfridges - Oxford Street

Next major client landed, Selfridges in the West End.

Harrods Department Store, London


Delphi introduces Olives into its great range of products.

The original retail olive packs

1987 Islington, North London

The second official production unit is rented out in Islington, North London, over the years several units are rented out until we get our 5th unit at the site in 2001.

Tony exhibiting his products in the early 1990’s


Tony’s children; Stavros, Marie and Cleo join the family-run business.

The team at the Islington unit in the early 2000's


Delphi wins Great Taste Awards for several of its lines.

Delphi’s Award Winning Aubergine Dip

2018 Barnet, North London

Delphi moves to a new purpose built facility in Barnet, North London.

Delphi's brand new facility in London

Today, Delphi Foods is run by 3 family members and employs around 50 people. All food is still hand prepared on site in London and sold all around the UK and internationally.