Our Recycling Journey

Trays & sleeves

You can recycle all of these

99% of waste is recyclable

Heat seal

…And We’re working on the last 1%

Our old packaging is then turned back into new packaging

Pots & lids

All of these can be recycled


We currently manufacture at our facility in North London where we’re committed to recycling as much as we can. Our motto is simple, if we can recycle it, we’ll do our level best to recycle it. All of our cardboard and paper waste gets baled and sent for recycling, nice and simple. We’re working tirelessly with our plastic recycling partners in North London to recycle as much plastic as we possibly can. The plastic containers we receive are decanted and all containers that have been approved for recycling (most of it) are palletised and sent to our recycling partners.




Our packaging

All of our packaging with exception of the seal that covers our pots is fully recyclable. We’re looking to make our packaging 100% fully recyclable by the end of 2020, not 2022 or 2025. We’re actively looking at solutions to have all of our packaging fully biodegradable or compostable, but this technology is still in its infancy; however, we will be an early adopter of this technology as soon as it’s available.